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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Katey Sagal, Charlie Hunnam at final-season premiere for 'SOA'

The cast and crew of the FX drama "Sons of Anarchy" gathered in Hollywood Saturday (SEPT. 6 2014) night for their seventh, and final, season premiere.

Saying goodbye to the series clearly hasn't been easy for Katey Sagal, who walked the red carpet with her husband, series creator Kurt Sutter.

"I feel enormously grateful for having been here, and I also feel in denial that it's ending," the actress said. "You know, I was weeping a little bit last night about it."

Then why end the hit show, which centers on a family comprised of members of an outlaw motorcycle club, who are in a Shakespearean-like battle for power?.....

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Girl group singer Simone Battle has died

Simone BattleGirl group singer Simone Battle has died.

According to the Los Angeles County coroner's office, Battle was found dead in her West Hollywood home on Friday (5 SEPT. 2014) morning.

Battle gained notoriety through performances on the television show "X Factor," and her band _ G.R.L. _ had been signed by mega-hit maker Dr. Luke.

Coroner's Department Lt. David Smith says an autopsy will be performed Sunday.

The death was first reported by the celebrity website TMZ.

In a written statement, Battle's record company called her "an exceptional young talent and human being."

New York Fashion Week: Herve Leger marries style

"My inspiration for the collection is a modern day onna-bugeisha, which is a Japanese warrior woman, and I wanted to bring to this collection the femininity, the strength, the journey of a woman. So the collection starts off with sort of traditional Japanese shapes, you have the kimono, which is almost impossible to do in bandages, but that's alright," Lubov Azria, half of the design duo, said of the brand's runway show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) in New York on Saturday (September 6).

"At the end, she is a lotus flower, and lotus means rebirth, love and peace. So basically you see a whole transformation, because women are not about war, it's about peace and love and bringing life to this world," said Azria........

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Oscar-nominated actress on her new indie film 'Kelly & Cal'

Oscar-nominated actor Juliette Lewis stars in the new indie film "Kelly & Cal." She plays Kelly, a 40-something punk-rocker-turned suburban mom who's having a hard time dealing with her new baby and who thinks she finds solace in her 17-year-old neighbor Cal, who's frustrated at his lack of control over the hand he's been dealt.
"She's rediscovering who she is, what she lost. Where she's going and she finds a strange companion and friendship from the kid who lives across the street. It toes the line of being slightly inappropriate but she learns things about herself and then becomes ultimately grateful for the present and what she has."
While she's made a name playing over the top characters in films like "Cape Fear" and "Natural Born Killers," Lewis says Kelly is probably the character that's closest to herself in her demeanor.
"What I love about this movie - she's so quiet. There's such an intimacy there. I'd never put that on screen before and I found it insanely challenging to show the person I am when I'm at home and thinking and how do you capture that on screen and Kelly very much has those moments, those moments of breathing and being alone with yourself. There's a lot of that on camera."
Lewis acknowledges that Kelly is not an immediately likable person but adds that she sees some of herself in the character.....

Man on the street reaction to Joan Rivers' death outside of hospital and Caroline's Comedy Club

Word that Joan Rivers died Thursday (4 SEPT. 2014) was tough news for people on the streets of New York, Rivers' home.
Outside Mount Sinai Hospital, where Rivers had been hospitalized, Glynis O'Leary said she was in the area when she learned the comedian died.
"I was just walking from a meeting down the block and saw the crowd outside here and grabbed my iPhone and looked up and saw the she died and it's really sad. It seems like she was so vibrant and alive for so long and she was just always a staple and a presence so it's weird to imagine her not being around anymore."
In front of the NBC Studios where "The Tonight Show" is filmed, Aja Harper said she was devastated.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rapper Pras Michel takes the ice bucket challenge in Pyongyang


Grammy award-winning rapper Pras Michel has come up with a novel approach to the viral charity campaign, the ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) Ice Bucket Challenge, by taking it while in North Korea.

Michel, documentary maker and former member of The Fugees, had two buckets of ice water dumped on his head along Pyongyang's Taedong River, much to the surprise and bewilderment of North Koreans out for a stroll.

He nominated the UK's Prince Harry to take up the charity challenge, along with Hollywood actor Edward Norton, former bandmate Lauryn Hill and celebrity magician David Blaine.

Michel, who is in North Korea to watch a pro wrestling exhibition and "explore," said he is currently working on several projects, including a documentary about Haiti's presidential election that is due out by the end of the year.

More than 3 million people around the world have joined in the challenge, which has raised more than 100 million US dollars for the ALS Association.

ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig's disease, is a progressive illness that hits the nerves and the brain and can lead to paralysis and death.

There is no cure, though a treatment now available can extend the life expectancy for its sufferers.

Al Pacino on meeting fans, on how he can easily leave a role behind and Berry Levinson on how it's harder to retire for an actor.

Following his night of two premieres at this year's Venice Film Festival, Al Pacino had time to reflect on proceedings.

The iconic actor visited the festival on Saturday (30 AUG. 2014) with two new films, "Manglehorn," which is showing in competition and "The Humbling" which isn't.

"I didn't think I was going to have both movies and I had both movies in the same day. So go figure that," smiled the 74-year-old star.

"But this is a great festival I have to say, it's very artistic and of course I love Venice," he added.

Despite visiting the carpet twice in the space of 6 hours, Pacino looked enthusiastic throughout and took plenty of time at both events to meet with fans.

"Meeting fans? Oh yeah I love it." Said the star.

"It comes with the territory, it's fine. There's meeting fans in an atmosphere like this and then there is meeting fans at your house, that's different. But in the world it's kind of cool, in this environment, it's fun to know that people are out there and it's good."

Both his movies happen to be about aging, regret, giving up and letting go.

In "The Humbling," he plays waning actor Simon Axler who rattles around his half-empty mansion like a Connecticut King Lear, pinning his misguided hopes of love and redemption on a much younger lesbian, played by Greta Gerwig.....

Adam Driver says being in new 'Star Wars' movie is 'surreal', talks working with a baby in new movie

The first rule of Venice is, you don't talk about "Star Wars."
Adam Driver, star of the forthcoming "Episode VII", says working on the latest installment of the classic sci-fi saga is "surreal."
His comment was made during a press junket for "Hungry Heart," his new film, which is showing in competiton at the Venice Film Festival.
While remaining tight-lipped about the hot topic, Driver focused on his role in the creepy relationship drama he was there to promote.
"Hungry Hearts" is directed by Saverio Costanzo and tells the story of a couple living in New York who are expecting their first child.....

Actress Gabrielle Union weds basketball player Dwayne Wade

Gabrielle Union is now a basketball wife.
The actress married Miami Heat basketball player Dwayne Wade Saturday (30 AUG. 2014.)
The ceremony took place in Miami.
This is the second marriage for 41-year-old Union and 32-year-old Wade. The two began dating in 2009. They briefly split last year.
Wade has two sons from his first marriage and also raises his nephew.
Union stars on the BET series "Being Mary Jane" about a successful career woman who has problems finding Mr. Right.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Country star reveals why he leaked his own album, 'Moonshine in the Trunk'

Country star Brad Paisley was so tied to his Twitter account in the days leading up to the release of his new album, "Moonshine In The Trunk," he had to finish tweeting during an interview.
"So I am sending a tweet," Paisley said during an interview at his home in Franklin, Tennessee. "You can film it if you want."
Paisley has had a lot of fun with leaking songs directly to his fans, either doing it through his own account or through his famous friends like NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon, Ellen DeGeneres or even a NASA astronaut. But he's quite serious about why he's doing it this way.
A controversy erupted when his song with LL Cool J, called "Accidental Racist," leaked out last year. Critics panned the song before the album, "Wheelhouse," was released to the public.
Paisley said he felt blindsided and decided that he'd be in control of the leaks this time.
"I am trying to lead the conversation," Paisley said. "I should be the one starting the conversation, not like journalists or something. I felt like last time…. Or the Twitterverse, or something. Last time I had my album high-jacked. It was just before I was able to say the first thing about it, it was making the news. And not positively, necessarily."....

Recording artist Ariana Grande on her new album, performing Sunday at the MTV VMAs, and her brother on 'Big Brother'

In just one year pop princess Ariana Grande has moved up from pre-show performer to headline act at the MTV Video Music Awards and the 21-year-old singer couldn't be more excited.
"It's a dream. I mean last year I sang on the preshow and it just shows like how much has happened this year. It's absolutely insane the fact that I'm opening and last year I was just performing at the preshow. It's like the craziest thing in the world to me and I'm very excited, very excited," said Grande.
Grande is the first performer for the awards show, which will air live on Aug. 24 from the Forum in Inglewood, California.
She'll perform her chart-topping new single "Bang Bang," with Nicki Minaj and Jessie J.
"It was amazing. She is so great," said Grande of Minaj. "I met her at the video shoot with Jessie J and those two girls are so talented and like so much personality. I was a big fan of both of those like way ahead of any of this. So the whole thing has been so surreal and so great and I'm very excited to be able to do that with them."
Her sophomore album, "My Everything," arrives Aug. 25 at midnight, moments after the VMAs, where Grande is nominated for three moonmen.
It features the Iggy Azalea-assisted "Problem," which has sold 2.6 million tracks, and her another single, "Break Free," a rising radio hit.
"Well I think that people can expect to learn a little more about me," she said of the new album. "The rest of the album sits in a little bit more of a mature vocal placement. Like I feel like some of the songs sit in a lower part of my voice, which I'm very excited to showcase a little more. I didn't have much of that on my first album or in the first couple singles off the album. So I'm very excited for people to listen to the ballads and the other sort of mid-tempo songs on the album and get to hear another side of my voice as well as another side of me as a person. So I'm very excited."
Grande's latest work also boasts an eclectic group collaborators: The Weeknd, Childish Gambino and A$AP Ferg make appearances; EDM darlings David Guetta and Zedd work on tracks; and hitmakers like Max Martin, Benny Blanco, Ryan Tedder and Rodney Jerkins are also part of the lineup. There's a ballad written by One Direction's Harry Styles and she teamed with Big Sean for the track "Best Mistake.".....

Girl band discuss being arrested for their video, falling of stage and Pitbull

There's a new G.R.L. in town and she's bit of a wild card.

Paula Van Oppen of girl band G.R.L. says she enjoyed being arrested on the set of the group's new music video "Ugly Heart."

Luckily, it was all for the camera.

"It's terrible to say, but it's the best way to get arrested right? On set, rather than in life," she said adding "everybody wants to be like a little bad and get arrested but not like real arrested, so it was a nice fake arrested fantasy."

After having to wear outrageous clothes and dancing on tables for the video, the girls weren't fazed by anything. Not even when Van Oppen took a face plunge onto a stage at a presentation.

"I was looking out smiling at people and then it's like all fours," she explained, "Emmalyn was the only one who turned around. Lauren walked passed me, kept going."......