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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Jesse Eisenberg talks about his new eco thriller 'Night Moves' and why he loves writing plays

Young actor Jesse Eisenberg is known for playing complex, analytical characters, such as in his previous films "The Double" and "The Social Network."

For his latest role in the eco thriller "Night Moves," he takes on another troubled soul, this time fighting for a better future for the planet.

"The character's in the movie, arguably their hearts and minds are in the right place. I would say their flaws, that they have a kind of not fully realized view of what the consequences could possibly be from their actions," explains the actor.

"My character views himself as a solider of war against environmental destruction and so he thinks any kind of damage caused by his actions is justified collateral damage rather than a reason to stop. And I think that's a sentiment echoed in a lot of kind of extreme political movements is that if something bad were to happen, that would be a necessary collateral damage for an otherwise lofty and righteous goal."....

Julianne Hough dances back to 'Dancing' as judge

"Dancing With the Stars" says two-time champion Julianne Hough is returning to the ballroom as a judge this season.

She will preside alongside Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli.

After serving as a company dancer-choreographer, Hough left the show in 2009 to focus on acting and music.

Her films include "Safe Haven," "Paradise," "Rock of Ages" and the 2011 remake of "Footloose."

She released a best-selling album in 2008.

"Dancing With the Stars" is hosted by Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews.

Its new season launches Sept. 15 on ABC.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Mexican fans welcome a new season of the BBC hit and a new Dr Who as Peter Capaldi takes over role

The ¨TARDIS¨ landed in the Mexico City Sunday, part of a world tour to promote the new season and the new Doctor Who of the longtime BBC sci-fi series "Doctor Who."
New "Doctor Who" star Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman met to their fans premiering the new season's first episode.
The 56-year old actor said it was a fantastic experience could see the public reaction:
"I was watching you guys, watching this (1st episode of Dr Who new season) and It was so fantastic because we could see the screen and we could heard your screams and applause and I was so happy that you like what we had done.".....

Highlights from MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014 featuring B.o.B, Yuna, Thaitanium, and Boys Republic

MTV Asia's benchmark concert event "World Stage" kicked off in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Saturday (16 AUGUST).

The show featured performances from American rapper B.o.B, Malaysian singer Yuna, Thai rap group Thaitanium, and South Korean boy band, Boys Republic. Each act took turns to rock the stage in front of 10,000 screaming fans.

Thaitanium opened the show with a medley of their hits like "Put Your Hands Up," "Do What I Say" and "Sukebe."

On Saturday night, they also performed, for the first time, a brand new single which they collaborated with rapper Snoop Dogg on called "Wake Up (Bangkok City)."....

Michelle Dockery and Joanne Froggatt on their Emmy nomination

'Downton Abbey' enters the Primetime Emmy Awards on Aug. 25 as one of the top-nominated shows....

Two of the female stars, Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary, and Joanne Froggatt, who plays her maid Anna, are nominated as Outstanding Lead Actress and Best Support Actress in the drama category, respectively.....

And neither can believe their luck.

"The first time around I was obviously so thrilled and over the moon - and I guess I felt like I was the sort of curveball nomination the first time and I just felt so lucky that I managed to get into this group of actresses and I was just like, 'Wow,'" said Froggatt. "And to get a second nomination is... I actually feel like welling up just talking about it, because it is just such, that I can say that I'm a double Emmy nominee is the most amazing thing. It's such a dream come true. And it's even more of an honor because a second time around, not that many people get to have that experience again and it was such a wonderful experience."

"I really wasn't expecting let alone my nomination but for the rest of the nominations, because we, you do expect that, you think, 'Well, other shows are coming in now.' 'True Detective' is of course, you know, it's exploded into people's lives, and there's a natural kind of, you know, the new ones start and maybe some of the old ones get forgotten," said Dockery. "So for us it was a huge surprise to be acknowledged again and a wonderful feeling to know that people aren't, you know, they're not cooling down, they're still really enjoying the show and that's a lovely feeling for us."

Both women are sure to turn heads for their fashion choices on the Emmys red carpet, but Dockery says now that she's walked that stretch of Los Angeles real estate a few times, she's learned to relax and enjoy it....

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko arrested on drug charges

China's state broadcaster, CCTV, has confirmed that Taiwanese actor Kai Ko has been arrested in Beijing on drug related charges.

The drug arrest could put Ko's career in serious jeopardy, especially after the Chinese government recently took stern measures to crackdown on illegal drug use.

More information on the arrest is expected later today at a press conference.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fergie, 'Chasing Life' star Italia Ricci attend event benefiting the American Cancer Society

Grammy-winning recording artist Fergie was on hand in Hollywood Saturday to kick off the #MoreKisses campaign to benefit the American Cancer Society. At her side was Italia Ricci, star of ABC Family's series "Chasing Life," about a young woman who has been diagnosed with the disease.
The campaign got its start with a recreation of photo - much like the iconic photo of a sailor and nurse smacking lips in Manhattan's Times Square at the celebration of Japan's surrender on August 14th 1945. But as Ricci noted, this photo was slightly different from the one most often viewed. "So this picture - (hits poster) - ooh, sorry - I'm a hug fan of it. I used to have it on my background on my laptop when I was in college just because, I mean, I'm a girl and so this one isn't the one from the Life Magazine photographer that you probably all recognize, the very common one that you see all over the Internet. This one is taken by a Naval photographer in the exact same moment but a slightly different angle showing Walgreens in the background."

South Korean boyband JYJ on their chemistry, touring Asia and solo careers

South Korean pop group JYJ attended a press conference ahead of their tour, "The Return of The King," in Hong Kong on Friday (15 August).

The tour marks their comeback, an end to a three-year hiatus in which individual members pursued their own projects, such as solo albums and acting.

The members were excited to be in Hong Kong again, as they have a strong following there.

Kim Junsu hoped that this energy from fans would carry them to further success in other cities.

"The first concert was in Seoul, and now we are in Hong Kong. After that there will be more concerts in Asia. Why did we pick Hong Kong as the first stop? Because I know that the fans in Hong Kong are very passionate and Hong Kong people love Korean songs. So we want to absorb this energy from the fans and bring it to other cities in our tour. So that's why we picked Hong Kong," said Kim.

Park Yoo Jun added that he was excited to bring their new album "Just Us" to fans worldwide.

"After the Hong Kong concert ends, we will have more concerts in Asia, until September. We have been preparing the album for a long time, so we hope that we can sing and perform it for our fans all over the world," said Park.

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan launches the trailer of his upcoming film 'Happy New Year'

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan says that his new heist comedy, "Happy New Year," "can compete with any film internationally."

The actor was speaking at the launch of the film's trailer in Mumbai Thursday (14 AUG. 2014). He was joined at the event by director Farah Khan and co-stars, including Abhishek Bachchan and Deepika Padukone.

"I am not showing off," said Shah Rukh Khan.

"It may not do the business of a heist international film, it may not be the time right now for Indian films to take that, but here is the film that in the terms of quality will make every Indian, every one around the world, extremely proud."

Bachchan agrees.

"(With) immense pride I say, after (international filmmakers) see this film they will be competing with us," he said.

"This is the Indian film industry, we're the biggest and the best film industry in the world and let them start competing with us now."

Country newcomer Mary Sarah duets with Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson on debut album

"I would say a big part of it was getting to sing with The Oak Ridge Boys," said Sarah, who met the legendary country group in 2012. "We did actually send a little CD with a couple videos, like a National Anthem, and one of the videos was me getting to sing with The Oak Ridge Boys. And I thin kthat was a big sign that they were like, 'Ah, she's kind of, makes her a little more legit that The Oak Ridge Boys got to pull her up and let her sing acapella on their stage.' So I think that was a big part of all of them saying yes to it and it just kind of, you know, it rolled on. It just kept happening. They just kept coming and coming and it was very overwhelming. And I mean I never expected it to go like that."
Sarah's debut album, "Bridges," features duets with their original performers including Parton and Nelson on their well-known country songs. It also includes one of Ray Price's final recordings before he died last year.
"I wouldn't say like intimidated, I was just really nervous!" said Sarah about working with Parton. "I grew up listening to Dolly and a lot of her music and watching her on '9 to 5,' and like, a lot of her movies, and so I knew her so well. And for her to be the first one on the project, too, was an absolute blessing. It was mind-blowing, too, because I'm going to the studio and I'm like, 'I'm about to meet Dolly Parton.' Like, this is crazy!"

Kim Woo Bin promotes new film "Friend: The Great Legacy" in Hong Kong.

South Korean heartthrob Kim Woo Bin attended a mall event in Hong Kong to promote his debut movie "Friend: The Great Legacy" on Saturday (16th August 2014).

Hundreds of enthusiastic fans were packed in a small space to welcome the actor/model. The movie is a sequel of the 2001 South Korean box office hit "Friend," which was highest grossing South Korean film of all time until 2003.

Kim plays the role of Sung Hoon, a gangster who was put in prison and hooks up with his fellow inmate Joon Seok, played by South Korean actor Yu Oh Seong.

The two soon scheme to help Joon regain power in his gang.

Kim admitted that the pressure of sharing leads with acclaimed South Korean actors Yu Oh Seong and Joo Jin Mo was great, but advice from the two helped him to act better.
"They are such established actors, so there is definitely some pressure. I'd be lying if I said there was no pressure. The thing I worried most about was that they were acclaimed actors. I don't want to sully their name, so I tried my best to act out my part. I want to give my thanks to the two actors, who taught me a lot. I told them that I love them," he explained.

Regional Mexican singer Larry Hernandez on marrying his longtime girlfriend and new upcoming music.

Regional Mexican singer Larry Hernandez may not be in a rush to put a ring on it, but it doesn't diminish the love he has for his partner Kenia Ontiveros.

"It's been a few years now that I've been with Kenia (Ontiveros) and I'm one of the people that believe that a ring or a piece of paper, the signature, are not things that make your love grow," said Hernandez. "I'm not saying that one day we won't do it, my fans are always screaming for this because this topic always comes up. The topic of making our relationship formal. It is already formal. We have two beautiful daughters and it's a blessing that she has made me a father for the fourth time and that the audience witnessed it during the season. They witnessed the birth of Dalary. It is important for me but from the moment I asked her if she wanted to be with me, to come and live with me, from the moment we decided to be a couple and to make join our lifes that was our official commitment. It really would just be for social egos and someday I will decide to give her a ring and marry her but at the moment it's not on my list."

Hernandez is in his third season of "Larrymania," a reality show about his day to day life which airs weekly on Mun2. The show features the relationship with his girlfriend, their two daughters, his two sons from a previous relationship and his mother.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Glamour & Girls: Eva Andressa Vieira

Eva Andressa Vieira was born in Curitiba, Parana State. She was one of the best representatives from Brazil for bodybuilding.
Eva Andressa began her bodybuilding career when she was 17 years old to improve her body esthetic; because her body was too skinny. However because of lack support, she quit her training until she finally met Jardel Barros, an athlete who later became her husband and her personal trainer
Through Jardel Barros, Eva Andressa was taken to attend bodybuilding competition. Her first competition was in 2005, in Figure NABBA. She later became the Brazilian champion in 2006.
In 2007, Eva Andressa took a break from competitions and began competing again in 2008 with IFBB. She won the Body Fitness category; an extraordinary category for a woman. In 2009, she became Brazilian champion for the second time. In the same year she also competed in South America in Lima, Peru and came in third.
Since 2010, Eva Andressa has not followed any competition. Now, she is dedicating her life to become a fitness model and an embassy for MHP (Maximum Human Performance), a food supplement from America where she represents Brazil.

Stats :

Kate Winslet Biography & Hot sexy Picture

Kate Winslet says she wanted to be an actress from the age of five but because her family members were stage actors, she was not aware of the world of film. She attended Redroofs Theatre School and made her debut television performance, aged 11, dancing in front of the breakfast cereal mascot, the Honey Monster.

It is ironic her first role was advertising for food because as effortlessly down-to-earth as she seems, Winslet suffered at the hands of bullies throughout her adolescence. She was trapped in the art cupboard at school and taunted by the nickname ‘Blubber’ for being overweight. It is this experience that incenses her to stand up against the trend to shed weight. “I was like all those girls,’’ she said. “It was an unstoppable feeling. I starved myself. So seductive - all my bones sticking out.”
“I was that child, looking at the images of models in films, magazines and fashion shows. This is what girls are brought up to believe, that to be thin is to be loved, adored, perfect. That's how they'll get a boyfriend - by becoming like a stick insect.”

ANGELINA JOLIE Biography & Hot & Sexy Photos

Angelina Jolie Voight was born in Los Angeles, California. Her father Jon Voight was an established Hollywood actor, who had earned worldwide fame for his performances in 'Midnight Cowboy', 'Deliverance' and 'Coming Home' - the latter winning him an Oscar.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Coleen Rooney

Once ribbed by the press for her fashion sense and spending sprees, Coleen Rooney, neé McLoughlin, took four years to make the leap from schoolgirl to covergirl.

Having emerged into the public eye as the teenage fiancée of England footie ace Wayne Rooney, she has gone on to become a fully fledged celebrity in her own right, applauded for her style and wooed to front big-name ad campaigns.

Tonia Molyavko profile & Hot picture

Jada Pinkett Smith Hot Wallpaper

Jada Pinkett Smith is an American actress. In 1991, she made her first break with a role in the sitcom A Different World. She has also starred in major motion pictures, including The Nutty Professor with co-star Eddie Murphy, and Spike Lee's highly controversial Bamboozled. Pinkett Smith is married to Will Smith, and is the mother of the performers Jaden and Willow Smith.

Lara Bingle

Mariah Carey Profile & Hot & Sexy Photo

Mariah Carey was born March 27, 1970, in Huntington, Long Island, New York, and began taking voice lessons at age four. At 18 she signed with Columbia records, and her first album had four No. 1 singles, including "Vision of Love" and "I Don't Wanna Cry." She went on to produce several more albums (later with other studios) and top singles, and is one of the best-selling female artists of all time.

Early Life

Singer Mariah Carey was born March 27, 1970, in Huntington, Long Island, New York, to Alfred Roy Carey, a Venezuelan aeronautical engineer; and Patricia Carey, a voice coach and opera singer. Has two older siblings: a brother, Morgan, and a sister, Alison. Carey is known as one of the top "pop divas" of the 1990s, having sold more than 80 million albums worldwide. Her voice spans more than five octaves and she writes most of her own music.
Carey's parents divorced when she was 3 years old. She stunned her mother by imitating her operatic singing as early as age two, and was given singing lessons starting at age four. After graduating in 1987 from Harborfields High School in Greenlawn, New York, Carey moved to Manhattan where she worked as a waitress, coat check girl, and studied cosmetology while writing songs and actively pursuing a music career at night.

Early Music Career

When she was 18 years old, Carey and her friend, singer Brenda K. Starr, went to a party hosted by CBS Records. Starr convinced Carey to bring along one of her demo tapes. She intended to give the tape to Columbia's Jerry Greenberg, but Tommy Mottola, the president of Columbia Records (later Sony), intercepted it before she could hand it to Greenberg. After listening to the tape on the way home from the party, Mottola signed Carey immediately and set her to work on her first album, Mariah Carey (1990) which included four No. 1 singles: "Vision of Love," "Love Takes Time," "Some Day," and "I Don't Wanna Cry." Her second album Emotions was released in 1992; the title track became her fifth No. 1 single, and included hits "Can't Let Go" and "Make it Happen."

Success on the Pop Charts

In March 1992, Carey appeared on MTV's Unplugged. This performance was released as an album and a home video, resulting in another No. 1 single (a cover of The Jacksons' "I'll Be There"). Her next album Music Box (1993) cut back a bit on the lavish studio production techniques heard in her previous albums, and included the No. 1 singles, "Dreamlover" and "Hero." Her November 1994 release Merry Christmas combined traditional Christian hymns with new songs. In 1995 she released Daydream; the first single "Fantasy" debuted at No. 1. It also included collaborations with R&B and hip-hop artists, such as Wu-Tang Clan and Boyz II Men ("One Sweet Day").
Her 1997 album, Butterfly, included 11 compositions written by Carey, and demonstrated her continued interest in hip-hop and R&B, including the Sean "Puffy" Combs-produced "Honey," her 12th No. 1 hit. Carey's 1998 album, #1's, featured her 13 previous chart-topping singles as well as the Academy Award-nominated "The Prince of Egypt (When You Believe)," a duet with fellow pop diva Whitney Houston.
In June 1993, Carey married Mottola in a spectacular ceremony at Manhattan's St. Thomas Episcopal Church. The couple divorced in 1998. Carey then dated Latin singer Luis Miguel for three years, but their relationship reportedly ended in the summer of 2001. She married rapper/actor Nick Cannon on April 30, 2008, in a secret ceremony in the Bahamas. The couple had been dating for less than two months, their romance having blossomed after he appeared in her music video for "Bye Bye." In 2011, Carey and Cannon welcomed twins Moroccan and Monroe.

Overcoming Obstacles

In July 2001, Carey was admitted into a New York-area hospital and put under psychiatric care after suffering what her publicists called a "physical and emotional collapse." Carey had been preparing to promote her upcoming feature film debut, Glitter, and its accompanying soundtrack album, but cancelled all public appearances. The release of Glitter was subsequently pushed back from late August to late September 2001. Carey was released from the hospital after two weeks.
In January 2002, Carey and EMI (the corporate owner of Virgin Records, with whom Carey had signed a reported $80 million contract in April 2001) severed their relationship. Though the film and soundtrack for Glitter failed to generate the desired box office and sales totals, Carey reportedly walked away from Virgin with nearly $50 million as part of her severance agreement. In May 2002, she signed a deal with Universal Music Group's Island/Def Jam Records. In December 2002, Carey staged a comeback with her eighth album, Charmbracelet, which debuted in third place on the charts. The record's accompanying tour, her first in more than three years, launched in June 2003.

In Recent Years

In 2012, Carey was chosen as a new judge for season 12 of the popular FOX television show American Idol, taking a seat alongside Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban.
Carey has sold around 160 million albums worldwide. She is the third best-selling female artist of all time, according to the Recording Industry Association of America. With 2008’s Touch My Body (from her eleventh studio album E=MC²), Carey passed Elvis Presley to become second only to the Beatles for the most No. 1 hit singles in the United States.
Outside of her music career, Carey is active in fundraising for The Fresh Air Fund, an independent nonprofit agency that has provided free summer vacations to more than 1.6 million disadvantaged New York City children since 1877.